The SAP Solution Manager is the central implementation and management platform for SAP applications, allowing business processes to be implemented, operated, and monitored for SAP as well as non-SAP systems, thus stream lining all our activities

Solution Manager provides capabilities to manage change requests through SAP's Change Request Management, commonly referred to as ChaRM, offers greater efficiency, automation and control with a predefined set of workflows and processes. It provides tracking and documentation of all change requests and transports for business solution development in an organization.

What we do?

  • IT Service Management
  • Business Process Operations
  • Test Management
  • Implement SAP Solutions
  • Change Control Management
  • Monitor SAP Solutions
  • Manage the Service Desk
  • Link to SAP Services
  • Maintenance Management
  • Upgrade SAP Solutions


  • Automatic tracking mechanism for every change
  • Reduced cost of implementation and continuous improvement
  • Fast and direct changes in the various stages of project
  • Comprehensible documentation of planned changes and their consequences
  • It ensures that changes are not disrupting ongoing business
  • Increase in the transparency of your solution
  • Ease of implementation and upgrades
  • Faster implementation

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