SAP Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) is simple, scalable and an innovative packaged solution offering an easy way to addresses specific business challenges by allowing customer to quickly implement robust solutions that fully meets the needs of their organisations.

SAP RDS brings speed and simplicity to the next business software implementation at affordable cost, reduced risk.

We offer a variety of customizable SAP RDS options to get you up and running implementations quickly. Our SAP RDS will help you to run better and at lower cost by understanding your requirements, and complexity of your business processes. We will guide you in selecting the right package as the company size and strategic requirements.

What we do?

  • Employee Central Payroll RDS
  • Pre-load data cleansing
  • Pre-built content and validation rules for SAP Customer on Demand
  • SAP Personnel Administration and Organizational Management RDS
  • SAP Accelerated Learning RDS
  • SAP Operational Headcount Planning RDS
  • SAP Executive HR Reporting RDS
  • SAP RDS GRC Access Control
  • SAP PLM rapid-deployment solution
  • SAP PLM for Discrete Manufacturing rapid-deployment solution

What We Do?

  • SAP HANA Installation and Administration
  • SAP HANA implementation
  • SAP HANA Modelling
  • Data Migration on HANA
  • SAP HANA Roadmap Workshop
  • Backend Support

Phone No: +1 (972) 992-0770
Fax: +1 (817) 423 6838

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