Resume is a self-promotional document which helps you to get your dream job, if presented properly. Read on the tips and tricks to make your resume the best:

  1. Make it simple

    Keep your resume short, clear and use words concisely. Avoid long paragraphs instead use bullet points and short sentences, and straight forward text.

  2. Prioritize your content

    Always use action words that describes your strength and reflects your accomplishments. Always put it at the top. Make sure that your skills are as per the employers need.

  3. Accomplishment Oriented

    Put the strongest and most relevant accomplishments first as it helps employer to understand the depth of your skills and experience, which can be used for the organizational growth.

  4. Sell the Benefits

    Every employer is interested in how you are going to benefit them. Hence, highlight experiences, and skills that benefited your previous organizations, and also your direct involvement in organizational growth.

  5. Stick to the truth

    Always tell the truth about who you are and what are your strengths. Keep all the facts related to your experience, educational background and achievements.

  6. Proofread

    Always proofread your resume several times. Ask someone for their opinion or to proofread it for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.

  7. Resume Layout

    Choose the best font for your resume, which are easy to read, universally available and easy to format. Highlight the key elements by underlining, using italics. However, use it consistently and sparingly.


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