Our In Tune recruiting methodology includes application of tried and tested framework to source the right candidate by expanding our reach from local-to-global talent sourcing.

The recruiting method we use are proven and continuously improved to provide best fit talents to our clients:

1. Job Requirement Analysis

Our consultant gather job details from your team along with project timeline, hiring process and budget.

2. Sourcing

Our expert lead team develop sourcing plan to perform internal/external sourcing and advertise job description on job boards.

3. Screening

We create pool of potential candidates and screen them by understanding their professional experience and objectives. We make sure that they are meeting your needs.

4. Validation

We conduct at least three reference checks for the selected candidate and validate their technical knowledge and behaviour. We also validate their degree.

5. Submission

Once our team feels that the candidate is worthy of submission, we present details to your team for further rounds.

6. Feedback

We wait for your feedback regarding the selected candidate. Here you can accept or reject the proposed candidate list. Once accepted you execute final interview either telephonic/ face to face interview to finalize candidate.

7. Finalizing

Once you feel that the candidate is right choice for your organization, you formulate offer letter with start date. On-boarding of the candidate is done and via web based performance monitor hired member's performance is monitored.


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