1. Medical Insurance

Our employees have an outstanding number of health insurance plans. Insurance plans can be changed annually by the employee. We offer coverage for Term life insurance, family, and additional coverage. We also help with the high cost of hospitalization

This plan includes full range of medical care covering In-patient and Out-patient services for you as well as for your family. Choose the plan with the deductibles, premiums, and features that best meets your needs.

2. Eye Care Insurance

Our employees are eligible for full benefits for vision insurance. We provide one vision examination per year — including testing and analysis of eye health. If required

3. Dental Insurance

We provide you and your family with the flexibility to choose any licensed dentist or specialist. We also offer easy referrals to specialists, If required.

4. Referral Bonus Opportunities

We offer a referral bonus program to reward the recruitment efforts by our paid employees in referring talented candidates to GlamanTech.

If you know an experienced professional or a good candidate, let us know to fill an open position. Provide us the resume of candidate, with referrer's name and contact information and complete the Candidate Referral Online Form.

The referrer is eligible for bonus only, if the hired candidate is employed by GlamanTech for a period of 3 months. If your referral is not hired within 6 months, the referrer is no longer eligible for a bonus.

5. Rewards Program Bonus

We recognize your efforts in helping us to grow our organization and to thank you, we offer various kinds of bonus as employee reward programs. We offer bonuses linked to the performance of our employee.

GlamanTech has various awards like Gold award, Silver award for an employee or team of workers for their outstanding performances, Contributor of the year, and Developer of the year. These awards inspire our employees to improve their performance and to do more.

6. Employee Assistance Program

We offer Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to our employees in order to boost their effectiveness for personal as well as professional growth and to balance their work life and personal life.

We provide counseling, consultation service, educational training on EAP to our employees for a productive workforce.


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